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Law in the Philippines

It's one thing to find a lawyer and another to find a good one. Filipinos in general get the lawyer recommended by family or friend, that lawyer may not necessarily be the best but he's the one available. People lucky enough to get the services of a law firm are stuck with the lawyer and the hourly price set by the firm, and because they are billed by the hour the cost may go way higher than originally anticipated. On the other side, there's a lot of good lawyers stuck working on law firms willing to engage on cases within their practice field, some think of establishing their own firm but doesn't really want to worry about the overhead of a proper company. These lawyers are very much willing to accomodate clients if only they can access them.

We make law easy

Digest wants to bridge this gap. At Digest, we empower Filipinos with the right information about lawyers. Important details such us lawyer reviews, price range, location and ratings are easily accessible on our platform. Digest also provides a comprehensive price list of common cases which is competitive in the industry. Other online platforms charge as much as brick and mortar law firms yet they still don't give proper options, they only charge by the hour and not by the actual output required by the client. Digest provides plenty of options to engage with a lawyer while also giving lawyers a steady flow of prospective clients. With our transparent platform we help Filipinos finally find a name they can trust and a friend in law.

Because our platform is open and accesible, Digest is well suited for people on the go and especially people outside the country. With our Contract Generation feature, freelancers are able to generate agreement contracts on the go. Through our Lawyer Marketplace, An OFW can connect to an investment lawyer to take care of doucments for her investment purchase, a business owner can consult a business lawyer regarding incorporation. With our Law Research feature, we help law students do their research by giving them access to thousands of decisions, laws and case digests. They are future lawyers and the best way to help them is by empowering them early on in their legal practice journey. At the time of writing no other legal marketplace have all those offerings in one platform.


As of today we have reached two thousand active users per day thanks to the features that we prioritized, we have addressed a large and underserved segment of the legal market. The potential for expansion is immense as we can expand to other legal verticals, but we believe that starting from the core is the best way to get the the traction that we need. Our long term goal is to make legal help in the Philippines as easy as ordering food online and at this point, with the overwhelming positive feedback that we receive, we sincerely believe we are on the right track. We believe the Philippines is the ideal first market for legal services as it is No. 1 in South East Asia in terms of lawyer population but the same system can easily be implemented in other countries.

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