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Hello there!  If you've arrived at this website, chances are you are interested in Philippine Law. The aim of this...
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How To Compute Your Inheritance

It’s unfortunate that our loved ones will one day pass. While we grieve, it is often important that the heirs know what they are entitled to. This will help avoid...
Raymond Rodis 1 week ago

Startup Guide: Trademark Registration

Trademarks are assets. The trademark, such as your logo, represents your brand and the corresponding goodwill your business enjoys with customers, suppliers, and the public. In fact, if you sell...
Raymond Rodis 3 weeks ago

Everything A New Employee Should Know About Probation and Labor...

Since some people are starting new jobs, we compiled a short guide on labor law concepts every new employee should know. 1. Probation does not mean you can be fired...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Startup Guide: Data Privacy

Data Privacy has become a very big deal in recent years. In the Philippines, the governing law is the Data Privacy Act. Contrary to popular belief, Philippine startups will only...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Startup Guide: Employment Contracts

Hiring employees is one of the most important endeavors your startup will do. Not all hires turn out right and you want to protect your start-up as much as possible...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Tulfo or Lawyer? 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Lawyer is Better

Tulfo really does offer a unique value proposition to the millions of Filipinos who watch his youtube channel. There is always a market for free and fast. You won’t be...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

12.12 Sale Scam? How to File a Legal Complaint

Online shopping has reached an all-time high partially because of the pandemic. Unfortunately, that means even some illegitimate sellers have gone digital. Some scams are clearly obvious. The seller will...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Are You Qualified for An Annulment?

Like it or not, the Philippines does not have a divorce law. What we do have are annulment, nullity of marriage, and legal separation. These may be confusing at first...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Startup Guide: Vesting Shares of Stock

What if your co-founder with 50% ownership of the company leaves after only a few months? That is the problem meant to be solved by vesting. Instead of spending money...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago

Where to Find a Free Lawyer in the Philippines

Where to Find a Free Lawyer In the Philippines Legal services aren’t cheap nor should they be. Lawyers are highly trained professionals that will do their best to protect your...
Raymond Rodis 2 weeks ago
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