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Tulfo or Lawyer? 5 Reasons Why Hiring a Lawyer is Better

Raymond Rodis 8 months ago

Tulfo really does offer a unique value proposition to the millions of Filipinos who watch his youtube channel.

There is always a market for free and fast. You won’t be charged professional fees when you go to Tulfo and as soon as the other party is called, you will get some sort of quick resolution as compared to the lengthy processes of going to court.

Those are indeed the reasons why Tulfo has become the face of justice for many in the Philippines.

However, we would like to point out reasons why a lawyer is still be the better option for solving legal problems.

1. You can win more with a lawyer

If you win on Tulfo, you can embarrass the other party in public which is admittedly reward enough for some.

If you win through a lawyer though, you can demand the money you are owed, additional amounts as damages, attorneys fees (to pay for the lawyer you hired), and even imprisonment if it is a criminal case.

2. Lawyers can help with more situations

Your business can be structured through lawyers writing your articles of incorporation.

Your employee benefits can be recovered through filing a position paper before DOLE.

Your money can be recovered through demand letters.

Your land can be bought safely through deeds of sale and divided to your children through wills.

You can legally avoid tax through tax planning.

Tulfo is more often used in certain niche situations such as embarrassing a cheating spouse.

3. If you are not paying, you are the product

Remember you may not be paying money but it is your dirty laundry which everyone will know about.

Tulfo makes billions of pesos by publicizing your problems and making it controversial.

In comparison, your lawyer is ethically bound to keep information shared by you confidential. The lawyer is bound to protect YOUR interest or else risk losing his/her license.

4. Paid is better than free

Lawyers are highly trained professionals that will spend months if not years working on your case.

When people go to a lawyer, it often involves life, career, or property.

Would you trust something that important to someone who is someone working for free or for someone who is paid to prioritize and fix your problem?

It’s also important to note that many lawyers aren’t as expensive as you would think.

5. Lawyers can prevent problems

We often think of going to lawyers when there is actually a problem.

But think about it how much cheaper and easier if you prevent the problem from even arising.

If you go to lawyer before starting a business, you can protect your shares in the company by including clauses if a partner leaves. If you consult a lawyer before becoming a freelancer, you can learn how to make clients pay on time.

If you consult a lawyer before signing anything, you are aware of your rights and know how to avoid being cheated.

Admittedly, there is a lot to be improved with how access to justice works in the Philippines.

But having a lawyer by your side is infinitely better than relying on TV hosts, no matter how well-meaning.

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