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Digest Upgraded Legal Research Features

Raymond Rodis 4 months ago

We are very excited to announce that the Digest Law Library is finally launching properly.

For two years, we have made the beta version of our Digest Law Library available.

Thanks to your support, Digest has now been viewed 1,093,933 times and has been visited by 265,933 users in said time span. Users have raved to us about the easy ability to download files in Word and PDF, create easy legal citations, see which cases are cited by other Supreme Court cases, and mobile friendliness of the website.

We will be vastly improving our legal research now.

The following new features are to be implemented very soon:

  1. Taxation / Labor/ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agency issuances to help lawyers find the most updated rules for their practice. Other agency issuances to follow.
  2. Artificial Intelligence to classify cases and recommend similar cases. For example, filter which cases are Civil – Property – Foreclosure and see those similar to your concern.
  3. New filters to search our content such as being able to search the text of a decision for key word
  4. More laws and jurisprudence to add to 63,513 Supreme decisions from 1901 to 2018 and 7,929 laws from 1901 to 2020  in order to create the most comprehensive Philippine law library on the internet

To support these changes and ensure that we can give you the best legal research, we are implementing a new subscription system. Each of our law modules (laws, jurisprudence, agency issuances) will be available for P499 per month. It is up to you to choose which modules are most relevant for your needs. 

Rest assured that you can still see if the relevant text is available before subscribing.

Feel free to reach us at our Facebook page if you have more questions or suggestions how to further improve our law library.

These changes will allow us to sustain and grow the website to greater heights.

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