• Caveat Emptor

    Buyer beware

  • Comity

    Recognition that one nation allows within its territory to the legislative, executive, or judicial acts of another nation

  • Corpus Delicti

    Body, foundation, or substance of a crime


  • De Facto

    Having effect even though not formally or legally recognized

  • De Jure

    Existing by right or according to law

  • Devisee

    One who is named in a will to receive (specific) real property

  • Doli Incapax

    Incapable of committing a crime or tort

  • Duces Tecum

    Bring specified documents, records, or things.



  • Forum Non Conveniens

    Court may refuse jurisdiction where it is not the most convenient forum

  • Functus Officio

    Duties and functions of the original commission have been fully accomplished.




  • Jus Cogens

    Compelling law; peremptory and non-derogable norms

  • Jus Sanguinis

    Child's citizenship is determined by the parents' citizenship

  • Jus Soli

    Child’s citizenship is determined by place of birth


  • Laches

    Unreasonable delay in pursuing a right or claim

  • Last Clear Chance

    One who had the last clear opportunity to avoid the loss but failed to do so, is chargeable with the...

  • Legatee

    One who is named in a will to receive (specific) personal property

  • Legitime

    The part of a testator's property that his or her children (and occasionally other heirs) are legally entitled to regardless...

  • Lesion

    Loss from another's failure to perform a contract

  • Letter Rogatory

    A document issued by one court to a foreign court, requesting that the foreign court take evidence or serve process

  • Lien

    A legal right that a creditor has in another’s property

  • Lis Pendens

    A pending lawsuit

  • Loco Parentis

    Special Parental Authority ; in the place of the parent

  • Locus Standi

    Legal standing; personal and substantial interest



  • Pacta Suct Servanda

    International agreements must be performed in good faith

  • Parole Evidence Rule

    When the terms of an agreement have been reduced to writing, it is considered as containing all the terms agreed...

  • Praeter Intentionem

    Lack of intent to commit so grave a wrong

  • Pro Hac Vice

    For this one particular occasion only

  • Processual Presumption

    Presumption that the foreign law is the same as our local law

  • Proximate Cause

    That which, in natural and continuous sequence, unbroken by any efficient intervening cause, produces injury, and without which the result...


  • Rebus Sic Stantibus

    Doctrine of Unforeseen events

  • Renvoi

    Sending Back, court resorts to foreign law which in turn refers the court back to the law of the forum

  • Replevin

    Repossession of Personal Property

  • Res Ipsa Loquitor

    Thing or transaction speaks for itself

  • Res Nullius

    Things whose ownership may be acquired by occupation


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